Mysterious Pants

Pyramid on the Edge of Forever

I was walking through the forest one day, enjoying the soft warmth filtering through the pines and the funny secretion noises of the banana slugs copulating on the trail in front of me. Some of the trees are charred and blackened from fire, but their neighbors are not. Why?

Is maths being taught incorrectly?

We’ve all heard the complaints before: “I just don’t get maths!” “Oh no, not a maths problem! I failed that in school!” There is a pervasive fear and resentment of mathematics in westernized society, bordering on the level of derision that pop-culture takes toward religion.

Limit of Impossibility

This is a really cool trick I only recently learned. Evaluating limits has useful applications, and this little trick allows the evaluation of limits which, on the surface, seem impossible. Consider